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U.S. Federal Government

A trusted, proven physical security solution provides confidence that the country's most critical agencies and infrastructure are protected

Securing Our Government

The U.S. Federal Government is faced with protecting its people, property and assets from an array of risks – from physical to cyberattacks. Federal mandates and regulations help to drive product selection, security solutions and the decision-making process when considering physical security.

Our industry-leading OnGuard® access control system is compliant with federal security regulations and is listed on various agency approved products lists including the US Air Force IDSEL, Veteran Affairs TRM and US Army CoN.

Solving U.S. Federal Government Security Challenges

Compliance with Regulations, FICAM Approved Solutions

We offer security solutions that meet a variety of U.S. Federal Government compliance needs and meet FICAM requirements including: FIPS 201, HSPD-12, ICD705 and UL2050.


LenelS2 solutions provide end-to-end encryption using the latest standards. They also support third-party multifactor authentication in addition to smart credentials, biometrics, mobile and pin reader technologies.

Government Approved Resellers and Advanced Services

LenelS2 has a broad reseller network that includes government approved and vetted security integration companies with trained, certified and cleared individuals who can meet the needs of any government project. We supplement our network with our own in-house Advanced Services group to ensure that the unique needs of your complex infrastructure are met.

LenelS2 and Milestone Systems have a long history of protecting critical and high-value facilities with a proven, cost-effective and commercial-off-the-shelf physical security solution.
Ryan Kaltenbaugh

Senior Vice President, North American Sales


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