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Physical Security Products

Award-winning security management products to help solve your critical challenges

Innovative and Intuitive Security Management

LenelS2's comprehensive offering of security products delivers outstanding performance that's scalable to meet future needs. Engineered with innovative technologies and features, LenelS2 products help leverage every system for optimal protection and control.


Innovative. Intuitive. Scalable.

Our comprehensive suite of physical security products deliver outstanding, scalable performance to meet the needs of small businesses to the largest, global enterprises. Engineered with innovative technology and intuitive features, LenelS2 products provide a full spectrum of protection and an industry-leading, unified security management experience.


Access Control

Whether you’re operating a small business or a global enterprise, LenelS2 access control systems support your evolving needs in the ever-changing security landscape. Our OnGuard®, NetBox™ and Elements™ access control systems offer solutions to meet any access control need or deployment type.


Video Management

Flexible and scalable, our IP video management systems fit seamlessly into your security environment. Whether you choose a LenelS2 video management system or a third-party system, our unified security client brings together video, access control and more for enhanced situational awareness.


Mobile Credentials

Our BlueDiamond™ multi-technology readers and mobile credentials provide a next-generation access control experience that enables you to use your phone as a way to authenticate and gain access. Mobile credentials also enhance security as well as building and personal health by limiting contact with shared devices.


Well-Suited for Integrations Across Hundreds of Interfaces

As part of the LenelS2 ecosystem, third-party integrations allow you to extend the capabilities of your security management system. Our OpenAccess Alliance Program features over 200 certified product interfaces. And our open APIs facilitate integrations with tools like visitor management systems or human resource databases.


Unified Security Management

Our Magic Monitor® client enables organizations to unify their LenelS2 access control and video management systems with intrusion alarms, building systems, business systems and more. Synthesizing data in a single user interface enhances security, safety, building health and operational efficiency.


The Power of the Cloud

Cloud technology offers the advantages of large-scale computing resources in an on-demand model, simplifying product and service delivery as well as minimizing costs. LenelS2 cloud-based solutions allow you to remotely manage your installed products or deploy an access control system.

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Our Complete Security Product Line


A feature-rich, comprehensive access control system that integrates with a range of security, business and building systems to meet the needs of the most complex enterprise deployments.


A powerful, all-in-one browser-based product, the NetBox™ access control and event monitoring system is designed for deployments with demanding security requirements.


The Elements™ unified access control and video management solution is built specifically for the cloud and ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses and enterprises with satellite locations.


The NetVR™ video management system provides a full range of video management capabilities, from real-time video monitoring to forensic search and storage. This scalable system meet the needs of small businesses to enterprise organizations.


BlueDiamond™ access control readers and credentials offer a complete, effortless, next-generation experience.

Magic Monitor

Magic Monitor® unified client brings together access control, video surveillance, forensics, digital signage and live Internet feeds together for enhanced situational awareness. access control, video surveillance, forensics, digital signage and live Internet feeds in a single client.


VRx™ video management systems provide a next-generation experience featuring UHD playback and more.


Cumulus™ is a cloud-based tool and dashboard for monitoring and administration of LenelS2 access control and video systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Physical Security Products

Physical security creates a safe environment for employees, while protecting assets. LenelS2 security technology includes cloud-based access control, video surveillance, keyless entry, mobile credentials, intrusion detection, emergency response, and visitor management

The future of physical security involves the integration of AI into physical security and cybersecurity systems. As security threats continue to become more sophisticated, there will be a stronger need for comprehensive, cloud-based and operated physical security systems, in addition to predictive security measures through proactive monitoring and enhanced threat responses through the help of AI.

Physical security technology helps you stay ahead of threats, while offloading the IT infrastructure. In the past physical security was not connected to the internet. However, in the modern era, physical security systems pose challenges, especially for security teams without the IT infrastructure to support them.

Every connection to a device could be compromised in some way. There could be a false feed from a camera or its sending false readings from a sensor. There are constant concerns that need to be assessed in order to secure your building and keep employers and residents happy and productive. By partnering with the right physical security partner, your team can offload these concerns. LenelS2 physical security technology is a secure platform, which can be accessed by your remote team and can be automatically updated without additional headcount or work.

Physical security examples may include video surveillance and video management systems, access control systems, biometric scanners, mobile credentials, fences, or security guards. Cybersecurity examples may include firewalls, two-factor (or multi-factor) authentication, antivirus software, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and regular system patches or software updates.