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Why Choose LenelS2 for Your Advanced Access Control Security

A comprehensive approach to access control, physical security, and beyond

Prepared for today's security challenges. Ready for tomorrow's future.


Leverage Powerful Core Technologies and Integrations

Our security products, systems and services tackle the evolving needs of some of the world's most complex organizations. We provide your security backbone with deployment options that incorporate multiple technologies including mobile, cloud, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. Our open architecture supports hundreds of third-party system interfaces that extend the capabilities of your security management system. If you want to expand your system’s possibilities even further, our team of experts are ready to collaborate in support of your vision.


Unify and Control Multiple Access Control Security Systems

Adapting to an ever-changing environment requires continuous innovation. That’s why we’re always looking beyond traditional physical security to provide solutions. Unifying real-time data from physical security systems and the internet enhances situational awareness and provides actionable insights. Our products deliver the information and services you need to protect people and assets, reduce risk and increase operational efficiency.


Protect Building Occupants in Real Time

Since the most important part of any building is the people inside it, we’ve designed ways to help occupants stay safe and secure. Our solutions include touchless access control, real-time notifications, self-mustering for evacuations, social distancing, contact notification, and turn-by-turn in-building navigation. You can even authorize specific individuals to initiate one-button lockdowns in the event of an emergency.


Harness Deep Building Management Systems Expertise

As part of Carrier, the leading global provider of healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent building and cold chain solutions, LenelS2 is uniquely positioned to bring a complete approach to buildings and security. The combined expertise of LenelS2 and Carrier in security, fire, HVAC, building management systems, and more, create more efficient buildings and better security experiences. Our innovative security technology gives people the confidence that they can thrive in a healthy, safe, and secure environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Access control in security uses identity credentials to either grant or deny access   to organizational buildings, resources, and data. 

Building security, safety, and efficiency are essential to a business’s operations and bottom line. With LenelS2’s access control products, you have 24/7 access control to everything that occurs in your facilities. Events are monitored in real-time using unified physical security products. Access control in security mitigates security risks and unauthorized access.