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Healthcare Security

Our unified access control and video management systems can help meet your complex healthcare security requirements

Comprehensive Healthcare Security Solutions

Healthcare facilities – from large hospital campuses with Level I trauma centers to small medical practices and pharmacies – face an array of distinct security challenges.

We provide comprehensive security solutions for healthcare facilities and healthcare systems. Our access control and video management systems help protect staff and visitors, secure patient records, manage access levels and integrate with critical third-party solutions like infant protection systems. We also provide the tools to help secure volatile materials, specialized areas such as biosafety labs and more. And all our solutions make it easier for healthcare facilities to comply with HIPAA requirements or meet JACHO standards.  

Solving Healthcare Security Challenges



LenelS2 solutions provide end-to-end encryption using the latest standards. They also support third-party multi-factor authentication via OpenID Connect in addition to smart credentials, biometrics, as well as mobile and pin reader technologies.

Policies for Access Levels

To maintain compliance with corporate security policies, we make it easy to provide the right access levels to the right people. LenelS2 policies are customizable and can automatically identify violations and self-correct based on predefined standard operating procedures.

Industry-leading Third-party Integration Support

We offer out-of-the-box integrations and an open API to help meet typical healthcare needs including integrations for Active Directory, electronic medical records, facility wayfinding and more. Our Advanced Services team can also help with custom integrations to meet your unique requirements.

Healthcare Access Control from the Cloud

With LenelS2’s cloud solutions, your organization has the option to manage and monitor all of your company’s access control activities from the cloud. Our convenient, cloud-based solutions can consistently undergo software and license updates that can comply with healthcare regulations and standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Healthcare Access Control


Healthcare security involves the protection of healthcare buildings against unlawful intruders with potentially nefarious means.

Without security, healthcare institutions can put employees, visitors, assets, and data at risk. Pharmaceutical companies have trade secrets to protect, while hospitals must protect patients. Healthcare industries also strive to keep their buildings healthy and to protect those on their premises from getting sick.

Key areas that should implement access control security include:

● Entrances and exits

● Elevators and stairways

● Laboratories

● Patient rooms

● Offices 

Healthcare buildings utilize several security measures, such as video surveillance, security screening, biometric or card scanning, and other forms of building access control.

Physical healthcare security solutions could help prevent:

● Sensitive information leakage

● Terror attacks

● Patient flight risk

● Unauthorized guests

● Medical device/prescription theft