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Data Center Physical Security & Access Control

Data centers house critical information and require strict physical security access control to reduce the risk of unauthorized individuals entering the facility

Parking Lot to Rack Security

Data centers, especially those that have colocation, can see a significant amount of foot traffic from data center employees, visitors and contractors.

Our data center physical security solutions ensure that everyone who works at and visits a data center is appropriately credentialed and can only access the specific areas relevant to them. And with our Magic Monitor® unified client, data center administrators gain a holistic view of their infrastructure.

Solving Data Center Security Management Challenges


Asset Tracking and Management

LenelS2 provides robust tracking for data center assets utilizing existing barcode infrastructure – no additional hardware or software is required. System administrators are notified when assets are not returned. Employees who fail to comply with asset rules can also have their access levels automatically adjusted.

Industry-leading Third-party Integration Support

Through our OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP), we provide out-of-the-box integrations with a variety of third-party solutions and building systems such as video management, identity management, human resources, Active Directory, intercoms, visitor management, parking management, time and attendance, HVAC and fire and alarm systems.


LenelS2 solutions provide end-to-end encryption using the latest standards. They also support third-party multi-factor authentication in addition to smart credentials, biometrics, mobile and pin reader technologies.

Data Center Access Control from the Cloud

With LenelS2’s cloud-based solutions, your organization can manage and monitor all of your access control activities from the cloud. Our convenient, cloud-based solutions can consistently undergo software and license updates that can comply with industry standards.

Top to bottom, the cost savings, user experience and ability to implement novel integrations aren't even in the same ballpark as our old system. We’re excited to see what we can accomplish with the system across the rest of our enterprise.

Ariel Shamai, EVP  

Chief Information Technology and Marketing Officer, 

Edison Properties

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Frequently Asked Questions About Data Center Access Control


Data center physical security involves the protection of data centers against unauthorized intruders. Physical security measures can include mobile credentials, biometrics, video surveillance, and intrusion detection. However, it’s important to also partner with a security platform that can handle the increase in digital threats to physical security systems.

Physical data protection involves the protection of sensitive data through physical security. This includes security options such as access control, mobile credentials, or video management.

The best way to secure a data center involves a mixture of video surveillance and physical security measures. 

Physical security controls: These can prevent unauthorized individuals from reaching specific areas.

Mobile credentials and keycards: Keycards can prevent individuals from entering areas. However, if these are lost or misplaced, they can pose an additional security risk. By using mobile credentials, your team

Cybersecurity: With the influx of digital threats and the prominence of interconnected devices, it’s important for teams to consider the cybersecurity aspect of their system. With LenelS2, companies can outsource cybersecurity needs for their business.

Video surveillance and management: Video surveillance can help monitor the building to detect events and incidents that may need to be addressed. 

Data centers host a great deal of sensitive information regarding organizations. Without physical security barriers, unauthorized individuals would be able to gain access to this data and use it in ways that could damage the organization’s reputation or financial standing.