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Need Technical Support?

We help you get the most out of your LenelS2 system

Our Technical Support team helps ensure the success of your new and existing installations. Log in to submit a ticket or access software downloads, technical notes and installation guides. 

Technical Support

Comprised of experienced physical security and IT industry experts, our Technical Support team has the answers you need to help keep your LenelS2 system running smoothly. They’re dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with your system and providing you with the best possible service experience.

Application Engineering

The LenelS2 Application Engineering team is comprised of system architects who are experts in system design and specifications. We provide you with assistance in planning and designing new installations, upgrading existing deployments, integrating with third-party systems and more.

Comprehensive Support and Resources

Understanding complete product functionality is vital for optimal system design. Log in to our support area to take full advantage of our services, product specification datasheets, documentation and hardening guides as well as to register for training and certification.

I need a log in
Access technical support, documentation and security training

For OnGuard ecosystem, log in to LenelS2 Connect.

For NetBox ecosystem products log in to Support Central.

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