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LenelS2 Launches OnGuard Cloud to Increase End User Operational and Cost Efficiencies


Launch enables cloud deployment options for the most full-featured, deeply integrated access control platform in the industry


LenelS2, a global leader in advanced physical security solutions, has announced the launch of OnGuard® Cloud, a managed service leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver the feature-rich OnGuard access control system in the cloud. OnGuard Cloud allows organizations to focus on their security operations by eliminating the IT burden of managing and maintaining their OnGuard software and servers, all while maintaining control over their unique environment configurations. LenelS2 is part of Honeywell, a leading provider of building automation solutions that help create safer, more efficient facilities and are used in more than 10 million buildings worldwide.

As the world’s leading physical access control system, OnGuard provides a powerful, flexible solution for the access control market’s most sophisticated security needs. A growing number of enterprise-level security customers have moved their other key business platforms to the cloud, and 82% of organizations plan on transitioning their access control solution to the cloud within two years.1

For those organizations ready to move their security to the cloud, LenelS2’s OnGuard Cloud solution offers robust power and performance to meet their unique and often geographically-specific security needs.

Key features and benefits of OnGuard Cloud include:
  • The replacement of on-premises server hardware with a custom-configured, resilient cloud service powered by AWS services and cybersecurity best practices.
  • 24/7/365 Support, proactive health monitoring, and system redundancy to drive efficiency, high availability, peace of mind, and help maximize uptime.
  • Automatic updates and maintenance, reducing the burden on in-house IT staff and additional costs.
  • Access to the full range of capabilities available within the OnGuard ecosystem, including LenelS2’s OpenAccess Alliance Program technology partner integrations, allowing customers to take advantage of the OnGuard platform’s wealth of customizable and certified integrations directly within a cloud-based solution.
  • All-inclusive licensing for the most sought-after features, including badge printing, visitor management, advanced reporting, and more.
  • Comprehensive white-glove service for organizations transitioning to OnGuard Cloud, delivering on customer outcome goals and operating environment requirements that extends all the way through implementation and training.
  • Access and ease of migration to newer versions of the OnGuard platform as they become available to the cloud given the use of AWS and common services, providing a seamless experience to new capabilities as they become available.
 “The OnGuard Cloud service is a game-changer for the physical security solutions ecosystem,” said Jeff Stanek, vice president and general manager, Global Access Solutions at Honeywell. “With OnGuard Cloud, LenelS2 now offers the most robust, customizable enterprise access control solution as a fully cloud-hosted solution. And how we're doing this is key - we are empowering organizations to embrace the future at their own pace, seamlessly transitioning to the cloud when the time is right for them."
LenelS2 offers the full spectrum of access control solutions, including on-premises, hybrid, and cloud-deployed platforms, to suit virtually any commercial or enterprise customer need.

To learn more about OnGuard Cloud, visit Contact your local LenelS2 representative for availability in your region.

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LenelS2 is a global leader in advanced physical security solutions, including access control, video surveillance and mobile credentialing. Our technology includes web-based and mobile applications enhanced by cloud-based services. Incorporating open architecture, LenelS2 provides scalable, unified security management solutions to customers ranging from global enterprises to small- and mid-size businesses. Easy to install and use, LenelS2 products are supported by an experienced, responsive team dedicated to providing exceptional service. LenelS2 serves segments worldwide including corporate, education, healthcare, and government. LenelS2 is part of Honeywell. For more information, visit or follow LenelS2 on LinkedIn and X.

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