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Park & Market Provides Residents with Seamless Access Experience

Newly constructed high rise incorporates integrated access control, video management, visitor management and elevator systems


Located in downtown San Diego’s 93-acre, sustainable, mixed-use development I.D.E.A. district, the Park & Market building is a flagship residential high rise (“The Merian”) and commercial development. The I.D.E.A. district fosters innovation, design, education and the arts – and the Park & Market building is no exception. It includes 426 apartments, a 66,000-square-foot office and classroom building for the University of California San Diego (UCSD), a historic house renovated for restaurant use, retail and an outdoor amphitheater.

Real estate developer, Holland Partner Group, wanted to not only enhance security, but also make good on the innovative promise of the I.D.E.A. district. “We needed an easy-to-manage, unified security solution that integrated with a variety of building systems to create a cutting-edge experience for our residents,” explains Mario Garcia, Senior Maintenance Manager, Holland Partner Group.


Holland Partner Group worked with value-added reseller, Bergelectric, to design and deploy a fully integrated LenelS2 NetBox™ access control and NetVR™ video management system. Access control secures areas throughout the building such as the parking garage, internal and external doors, elevator kiosks, amenity terrace and mid-building pool. Due to the wide-open or indoor-outdoor style spaces in places like the amphitheater and terrace, Bergelectric installed 360-degree cameras to provide maximum video surveillance coverage. A total of 93 cameras of different types are in use throughout the building.

Garcia uses the LenelS2 Magic Monitor® client to provide a unified interface for access control and video surveillance. He is able to view live video streams or event-based video to follow up on potential incidents.

The NetBox system features an open API which paved the way for additional third-party integrations and helped provide a premier tenant experience. It was critical that we procure and integrate a variety of systems with NetBox to create the seamless access experience the Holland Partner Group envisioned for the Park & Market building,” says Eddie Soula, Pre-construction Manager, Bergelectric.

A custom integration ties together the NetBox access control system with a Kone destination dispatch elevator system and a Butterfly MX visitor intercom system. Residents present their credentials to the Butterfly MX units at the building entrance which work with the NetBox system to automatically communicate their access levels and cardholder information to the elevators. The elevator then takes them directly to the floor of their residence. The same goes for visitors – when they are let in by a resident, the system knows where they should be going and only provides access to those areas. Residents can also visit other floors by using their credentials at elevator kiosks and selecting their destination prior to entering the elevator. In addition, long-range readers in the garage allow residents to easily enter so long as their credential is in their vehicle.


“The system is intuitive and makes it easy to create fobs or provide access as needed – and with expansive camera deployment and video integration, I’m able to see what I need to see to keep the building safe,” notes Garcia.

From a resident perspective, Garcia says that the integrations have made getting into and moving around the building a smooth and convenient experience. Through careful planning and a diverse fusion of security and building technology, Holland Partner Group and Bergelectric succeeded in creating a residential building that meets the innovative promise of the I.D.E.A. district.

Park & Market Case Study
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