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Navicent Health Implements Innovative, Integrated Security Solution

Security Innovation Award Healthcare Project Winner

Faced with an end-of-life access control system, Navicent Health, a healthcare organization providing community-based outpatient diagnostics, primary care, home health and hospice care as well as comprehensive cancer and rehabilitation services, had to make a change. What followed was a highly innovative and expansive security systems integration project across several months and comprising around 500 doors, 500 cameras and a variety of other integrations. 

In order to fully understand its security needs and challenges, Navicent engaged a variety of team members including nursing, risk management, human resources, IT and local law enforcement. Security considerations included: 

  • Unpredictable environment and activity in the Emergency Center; 
  • Infant and pediatric security; 
  • Pharmacy regulations; 
  • HIPAA requirements; 
  • Employee safety and security; 
  • Badging processes and management;
  • Integration to video surveillance; 
  • Adequate integrations and configurations for dispatchers in the communications center; 
  • Maintaining high-integrity data and information for reporting; and 
  • Providing security, safety and support services.

Navicent also discussed its situation with long-time systems integrator, Tech Systems Inc. Tech Systems helped to identify some additional technical challenges for the deployment, including:

  • Communication and data sharing with satellite locations; 
  • Centralized monitoring and dispatch from the new communication center; 
  • Customized integrations of independently operating systems; and 
  • Uniquely configured elevator controls and lockdown capabilities. 

To learn how Navicent solved these challenges, read the full feature at SecurityInfoWatch: Security Innovation Award Healthcare Project Winner: Navicent Health Invests in Long-term Safety and Security Solutionsopen_in_new

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