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Magic Monitor for NetBox

Unified security management for the NetBox ecosystem

Magic Monitor - NetBox

Unify access control, video surveillance, forensics, digital signage, and more for enhanced situational awareness

Tight integration with the NetBox™ access control and event monitoring system allows for easy administration of person records, which include recent activity as well as editable information such as credentials and access levels. The live access control and event monitoring log enables one-click viewing of associated event video and photo IDs.

Video streams from VRx™ and NetVR™ servers or supported third-party video management systems can be directed to any local or remote Magic Monitor® display. Other features include video playback from a live video stream, digital zoom and on-screen PTZ controls. Integrated advanced forensics make it easy to search, review and catalog video.

Digital content such as images, signage, RSS feeds, television and promotional videos can be sent to any Magic Monitor display in the system. Standard widgets for time zone clocks, traffic, weather, news feeds and website pages are built in.


Unified video security surveillance experience

Available for Windows® and macOS®
Supports LenelS2 and third-party video

Mobile Security User App Features & Benefits

System Management

Real-time Surveillance
Allows for live video tours and on-screen PTZ controls
Instant Replay
Plays back video directly from a live video stream
Digital Zoom
Digital Zoom
Forensic Search
Locates video of interest with a single click and saves it to the case library
Dynamic Overlays
Supports interactive icons such as door status on maps or video feeds to create custom views
Advanced Forensics
Supports VRx advanced, deep learning-based object detection in forensic searches
Digital Signage
Push digital signage to displays for health, safety, informational and marketing purposes


NetBox Integration
Pushes video or digital signage to displays in response to NetBox alarms or events
Multi-screen Management
Opens a Magic Monitor digital canvas on multiple monitors connected to the same computer
Customizable Displays
Provides customizable layouts including cameras, camera tours, activity logs, event video, text and media

These products complement Magic Monitor for NetBox


A powerful, all-in-one browser-based product, the NetBox™ access control and event monitoring system is designed for deployments with demanding security requirements.


VRx™ video management systems provide a next-generation experience featuring UHD playback and more.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Magic Monitor Client

Building security, safety, and efficiency are essential to any business. With LenelS2’s Magic Monitor client, you have 24/7 access to everything that occurs in your facilities. Events are monitored in real-time, helping to mitigate security risk and unauthorized access to any location.

A video management system enables users to monitor events automatically from sources such as cameras, alarms, or sensors. It provides additional security to your location and supports video analysis.

A video management system can fulfill the following needs:

  • Collecting live video feeds from cameras
  • Recording and storing video to a corresponding storage device
  • Providing a user interface that allows for easy control of live and recorded video.

Access control events include any situation in which physical security systems have been notified through use of credentials. This can be used to monitor if an unauthorized individual has gained access to a particular location and can allow for a prompt and efficient response.

Yes, the Magic Monitor client can work with supported third-party video management systems such as Milestone XProtect®. Learn more about our third-party management systems here.

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