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OpenAccess Alliance Program

Committed to providing more choices

Our OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP) proves our commitment to open integration. This allows manufacturers to develop software interfaces for the OnGuard® security management system. Every interface is factory-certified to support OnGuard system functionality. Through the OAAP program, users not only gain customizable solutions, but the assurance that the solutions they choose have been tested and certified  for stability and uninterrupted functionality, offering more flexibility.


Open to Any Manufacturer

The OpenAccess Alliance Program is open to any manufacturer interested in creating an interface with the LenelS2 OnGuard® access control system. The program provides manufacturers a way to officially certify their interfaces with the OnGuard system and market that solution to our worldwide user base.


OAAP Partners and Products

The program provides OnGuard system users with a wealth of customizable solutions as well as assurance that any interface they choose to leverage has been tested and certified to provide stable and uninterrupted functionality.


Access to Complete API Documentation

Our APIs are publicly available to simplify the creation of tailored security solutions. Gain access to supporting documentation and introductory guides for the OnGuard API including: OpenDevice (for hardware panels and device integration), OpenVideo (for video integration) and OpenAccess (for bi-directional communication integration).

Learn more about our OpenAccess Alliance Programs