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Cloud Security Trends to Watch Through 2024

It’s old news by now: the cloud presents unparalleled opportunities for business scalability and efficiency. In this article, LenelS2 thought leaders weigh in on the pivotal cloud security trends they’re watching in 2024. Keeping ahead of these trends within your own organization will help level up your security posture as your cloud strategy continues to develop.

2024 Cloud Security Trends, According to LenelS2 Thought Leaders

As we venture further into 2024, the cloud security landscape is poised for transformative changes. Let’s learn a bit more about what industry trends these LenelS2 thought leaders are keeping an eye out for this year:

The Convergence of OT and IT in Cybersecurity

Jai Panjabi, Product Manager at LenelS2

I believe the convergence of Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) will be a key cybersecurity trend throughout 2024. This integration ensures a comprehensive security posture across on-premises systems and cloud platforms.

At LenelS2, we are ready to support our clients through this transition with our cloud-based Elements solution, as well as OnGuard Cloud, an enterprise cloud solution providing all the features and functionality of our OnGuard® platform, one of the industry’s most widely-used, deeply integrated, and feature-rich access control systems.

These solutions address the most critical cybersecurity challenges posed by on-premises systems, including damage to the physical infrastructure and the time-consuming process of manual updates. For those still utilizing on-premises setups, our cybersecurity service is designed to bolster the security of both OT and IT frameworks.

Demand for Simplified Navigation

Jas Dolby, Cloud Business Development Manager at LenelS2

A growing share of LenelS2 customers express a clear preference for cloud solutions that allow them to manage all their physical locations through one interface that’s accessible from anywhere. Clients are increasingly drawn to cloud-based access control systems for their ability to provide real-time updates and centralized control over security protocols, eliminating the need for physical presence or manual intervention across multiple sites. This trend highlights the importance of user-friendly cloud-based physical access control solutions that streamline management and enhance security oversight.

The Rise of Wallet-Based Credentials

Jai Panjabi, Product Manager at LenelS2

As we progress throughout 2024, I see wallet-based mobile credentials becoming more prevalent. One of the benefits of wallet-based credentials is integrating them with Business Intelligence (BI) systems to centralize access data and eliminate reliance on in-app reporting.

This shift to wallet-based credentials signifies a broader movement toward more seamless, integrated security solutions prioritizing user convenience and operational efficiency.

Cybersecurity is Tightening Across Industries

Brian Matthews, VP of Cloud Sales at LenelS2

Cloud adoption enables your organization to implement the most cutting-edge security solutions, including AI-powered capabilities, to defend against the evolving threat landscape.

During your cloud transition, take the time to reassess your current security strategies and systems and compare them to all available options. A cloud migration is a prime opportunity to upgrade to innovative technologies that can effectively resolve operational issues, improve the user experience, and heighten your security posture.

With a cloud-based solution, users can leverage a range of solutions they already subscribe to in order enhance their overall security plan. Examples of this includes receiving automated notifications or triggering an action in Microsoft Teams, and creating reports and dashboards within PowerBI.

The Cloud is Eclipsing On-Prem Solutions in Term of Security

Jas Dolby, Cloud Business Development Manager at LenelS2

Though cloud security threats are on the rise, the cloud still remains head and shoulders above on-premises access control solutions in terms of security. The cloud provides a centralized management hub that you can access from anywhere at any time. This means access permissions can be updated in real time, ensuring only authorized users can access sensitive assets. 

Cloud access control systems also allow for greater scalability. Their ability to grow with the organization means you won’t have to conduct extensive hardware overhauls to adapt to evolving security threats. 

Improved Operational Insights Thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Jai Panjabi, Product Manager at LenelS2

The synergy between cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing access control systems, pushing the boundaries beyond traditional security measures. Rather than simply regulating access to physical locations and devices, AI makes it possible to analyze access control data and extract insights that can inform strategic decision-making across your operations. 

For example, AI can help identify patterns and anomalies in access control, making it easier to flag security breaches and unauthorized physical access attempts more quickly than before.

How LenelS2 Can Help Enhance Your Cloud Security

LenelS2 is at the forefront of providing innovative security and access control solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern businesses. By staying ahead of key trends such as the OT and IT convergence, the rise of wallet-based mobile credentials, and the transformative impact of cloud and AI on access control systems, LenelS2 is uniquely positioned to assist you in strengthening your cloud security framework. 

As 2024 unfolds, staying informed about the latest developments in cloud security is essential. With insights from LenelS2’s thought leaders, you can confidently navigate the complexities of cloud security, ensuring your operations are secure, efficient, and prepared for the future.

To take actionable steps toward protecting your most sensitive cloud and on-prem assets, contact LenelS2 today for a demo of our cloud-based access control solutions.


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