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Security Supports Healthy Buildings

Creating a safer workspace requires a variety of different solutions 

By Jeff Stanek
Jeff Stanek is President of LenelS2

Creating a safer workspace requires a variety of different solutions. From a technology standpoint, an organization that can leverage and manage a variety of systems such as HVAC, fire and alarm systems, and security will be able to best optimize building health and efficiency. The system with a very immediate impact is the security management system, the heart of the building. As users, installers and specifiers of security management systems, we have a real opportunity to help.

You may have already spoken with your LenelS2 representative about the Carrier Healthy Buildings Program, of which LenelS2 solutions are a part. If you have not, please ask how we can assist. While LenelS2 solutions include touchless access, occupancy management, enhanced access control and proactive screening solutions, a number of other solutions to support healthy buildings, such as air filtration and cleaning, are also available from Carrier.

On the touchless access front, BlueDiamond™ mobile credentialing technology eliminates a significant number of traditional access touch points for building occupants. We are excited to hear that many of our value-added resellers are deploying the technology at their offices, in addition to at end user sites. The BlueDiamond platform is agnostic, providing a touchless access solution for OnGuard®, NetBox™ and third-party access control system users.

Our recent NetBox Version 5.3 access control software release brings, among other significant updates, complete BlueDiamond support to the NetBox ecosystem of products. NetBox users can now provision and manage BlueDiamond mobile credentials directly through the NetBox browser-based administration interface.

For the remainder of 2020, we are offering a promotion on BlueDiamond readers and mobile credentials. This is something that we felt was important to do, in order to help as many organizations as possible get to a touchless access solution. End users should ask their value-added resellers about special pricing.

Our occupancy management and enhanced access control offerings leverage critical system data and control building access. Some of the tools include monitoring and enforcing occupancy requirements, providing access reports to support contact tracing and implementing building entry controls to facilitate site-specific screening protocols. The LenelS2 Custom Solutions team is hard at work developing additional new features.

Our proactive screening solutions make it possible for employees and visitors to self-assess their health and wellness through web- and email-based tools before requesting access to a building. This can be done even before they leave home in the morning. Solutions also include third-party integrations with thermal screening solutions, such as the FLIR EST line of non-contact thermal screening cameras.

We recently published an OnGuard ecosystem price book in support of healthy buildings. Offerings include individual solutions as well as packages.

The world’s eyes have been opened to just how devastating a pandemic can be to people’s health and well-being and day-to-day life. As we look to adjust to our new normal and return to offices, schools and other buildings, security solutions can play a critical role in creating healthier environments by leveraging services, technologies and tools that improve building experiences so people can feel safer and more secure.

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