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Mobile App + Credentials

A next-generation access control experience

Mobile App + Credentials

An unmatched experience in mobile credentials

The BlueDiamond™ mobile app and mobile credentials deliver a smart device alternative to plastic badges, offering convenience without compromising security. Available for iOS® and Android™, the app provides a touchless access experience, enabling building occupants to eliminate a significant number of access touch points by turning smartphones into secure access control devices.

The BlueDiamond mobile experience is customizable. With a number of options available to set unique preferences, users have the flexibility to personalize their setting to meet their unique needs.

Next-generation access control experience
Available for iOS® and Android™
Mobile credentials management

Mobile Security User App Features & Benefits

Product Features

Tap to Unlock
Tap “Unlock” to send your BlueDiamond mobile credential to the reader
Voice Command Shortcuts
Say a command to open a door or launch the Pathways™ feature
Phone as a Badge
Hold a phone in proximity to a pre-registered BlueDiamond multi-technology reader to gain entry
Shake to Open
Gently shake the phone to send BlueDiamond credentials to a reader or turnstile
Pathways™ Feature
Pre-load commonly accessed doors along a frequently traveled route, for convenient, hands-free access
Two-factor Authentication
Validate BlueDiamond mobile credentials via Touch ID, Face ID or a smartphone password
Embeddable Framework
Embed the full BlueDiamond mobile app framework or specific features into a separate mobile application
Walk-thrus + In-app Tutorials
Highlight of latest app updates and overview of how to use key features
Receive notifications when frequently used readers are in range, and acknowledge them to unlock

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