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OnGuard Biometrics and Smart Cards

Integrated Biometric and Smart Card Management

OnGuard Biometrics & Smart Cards

Leverage OnGuard systems to support biometric and smart card technologies

Biometrics and smart cards are two of the most powerful security solutions available today. While there is an assortment of products on the market purporting to offer high security, not all of them provide the optimal experience for the user. LenelS2 has developed support for Biometrics & Smart Cards in the OnGuard® system to help customers leverage their system to support industry leading biometric and smart card technologies. These solutions offer customers a seamless enrollment and verification experience, to simplify management and optimize security while providing added functionality.

Fast, efficient enrollment
Centralized reporting and audit trail
Reduces total cost of ownership

Mobile Security User App Features & Benefits

Standard Features

OnGuard ID Credential Center
Fast, efficient enrollment using OnGuard ID Credential Center
Biometric Verification
Easily enroll fingerprint, hand geometry or iris data for biometric verification
Single Networked System
Provides single point of enrollment for all cardholders
Off-line Access
Access decisions made at the panel or credential level, even when off-line with the database server
Centralized Reporting and Audit Trail
All reports and audit trails are accessible within the client


Contact free, healthy access control alternative – with enhanced security
Increase Security
Biometrics ensure the right people are doing the right things, reducing risk.
Eliminates multiple systems and databases
OnGuard cardholder biometric capture and storage eliminates redundancy
Reduces total cost of ownership
Single server, single software system, single cable to the reader
Biometric Reader Support
Invixium, IDEMIA, BioConnect, IrisID CAM
Smart Card Reader Support
LenelS2 9Bluetoothe, DESFire, MIFARE, iCLASS) HID (iClass, Mifare, Desfire Bluetooth)
Encoder Support
HID (iClass, DESFire), Digion (DESFire, Mifare), Inline encoders built into printers
Smart Enrollment Support
OmniKey (Mifare, PIV), RFIdeas (Mifare, iClass, PIV)

These products complement OnGuard Biometrics & Smart Cards

OnGuard ID Identity Manager

The one-stop solution for enrolling and producing ID credentials – from badge design to assigning physical access levels.

OnGuard Version 8.0

OnGuard Version 8.0 enhances situational awareness, unifies security views and provides powerful, data-based insights 

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