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Milestone XProtect

Stream video and events from the Milestone XProtect® recorder and view on any OnGuard® client

Milestone XProtect

Seamless integration between the XProtect video recording system and the OnGuard access control system

The LenelS2 and Milestone strategic partnership brings together two industry leaders in access control and video surveillance providing a best-in-class integrated security solution. Eliminate barriers by combining the superior scalability of the OnGuard® system with the actionable insights of XProtect video in one seamless solution. Stream video and events from the Milestone XProtect recorder and view on any OnGuard client.

Stream Milestone video in any OnGuard client
Seamless integration
Superior scalability of OnGuard + actionable insights of XProtect

Product Features


Seamless Integration
Provides a fully integrated access control and video recorder ecosystem
Enhanced Situational Awareness
Improves situational awareness by combining OnGuard alarms and event with video from the XProtect system
Versatile Deployment
Includes versatile deployment options across a wide-range of environments and uses
Certified Solution
Comes fully tested and certified out of the box

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