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OnGuard Access

Software for access control

OnGuard Access

Versatile and efficient access control

The OnGuard® Access system is an integrated access control and alarm monitoring system that delivers maximum protection, versatility, simple operation and cost efficiency. The OnGuard Area Access Manager client includes decentralized administration of access permissions to the department level and directly control cardholder access to specific physical areas.

Available for Windows computers
Compatible with industry standard technologies
Industry-leading access control

Mobile Security User App Features & Benefits

Access Control Features

Programming Functions
First card unlock, elevator control, system downloads, import/export utility, occupancy limit and local and global anti-passback
Monitoring Functions
Alarm masking groups / basic intrusion functionality, system overview tree, monitor zones, alarm / even mappings
Cardholder Commands
Escort control, use limits, extended individual strike times and door held open times, destination assurance
Card Reader Commands
Time zone overrides, multiple card formats, cipher mode, denied access attempts counter


Add-on Features
CCTV interface, Mustering, paging / email interface, Guard Tour, video verification

These products complement OnGuard Access

OnGuard Version 8.0

OnGuard Version 8.0 enhances situational awareness, unifies security views and provides powerful, data-based insights 

OnGuard ID Identity Manager

The one-stop solution for enrolling and producing ID credentials – from badge design to assigning physical access levels.

OnGuard Version 7.6

OnGuard Version 7.6 provides a more scalable, accessible and cloud-compatible enterprise security platform.

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