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OnGuard Visitor Self Service (VSS)

iPad app for simplified visitor management

OnGuard Visitor Self Service (VSS)

Customize your front lobby experience

The LenelS2™ OnGuard® Visitor Self Service (VSS) iPad® app, implemented as an iPad kiosk service, simplifies the visitor management process and increases convenience for visitors, lobby attendants and hosts.

Part of the OnGuard system’s integrated visitor management solution, this intuitive application allows employees to pre-register visitors by emailing a barcode that gets scanned upon the visitor’s arrival. Extremely flexible, the VSS app can be customized based on an organization’s requirements, whether it’s documents that need to be signed or videos that need to be viewed as part of visitor protocol

Easy visitor check-in
Part of the OnGuard visitor management suite
Simplifies visitor management

Mobile Security User App Features & Benefits


Easy-to-use and Customizable
Features an intuitive and customizable user interface
Pre-registered visitors receive a barcode via email prior to arrival
Visitor Information
Pre-registration provides front desk and security personnel with upcoming visitor information
Email Alerts
OnGuard system sends hosts an email once a visitor checks in
Badge Creation
Take pictures directly from the iPad with no additional image-capture hardware
Compliance Form Support
Upload company compliance forms for the visitor to virtually sign during check-in
Administrative Policy Settings
Assign required documents based on visit type
Require Video
Require a video upload as part of documentation for visitors to view at sign-in
PDF Support
Supports PDF417 barcode format to enhance scalability and reliability
Language Options
Enables visitors to select preferred language at check-in
Configuration Images
Save an iPad image of the VSS configuration in the OnGuard system database

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