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A Revolution in Accessibility, Unification and Visualization

OnGuard® software version 8.0 is designed to be an inflection point in the software’s evolution 

By David Weinbach
David Weinbach is Manager, Identity and Product Innovation at LenelS2

OnGuard software version 8.0 is designed to be an inflection point in the software’s evolution. The goal: to provide users with greater insights and more convenient ways to get those insights from their systems. To accomplish that, we focused on core improvements to accessibility, unification and visualization of security information. Our suite of web clients enables the OnGuard system to be accessible from anywhere in an organization, from any device, while the integration of the Magic Monitor ®  unified client provides enhanced insights with a unified view of access control, video surveillance and web content in a single display. And a new reporting engine and maps tool provide novel ways to visualize critical security data. We believe version 8.0 will change the way operators and administrators use the OnGuard system.

The OnGuard Reporting and Dashboards browser client features a completely fresh, modern reporting engine. The upgrade empowers users with customizable reports which provide data-based insights right from a browser window. In the process of creating the new OnGuard Reports browser client we realized we could take things a step further with a new OnGuard Dashboard capability. The LenelS2 Console interface, previously just a place to launch the various OnGuard clients, can now include dashboards which provide visualization of system, cardholder and alarm data – all before a client is even launched. Information about your OnGuard system and its connected peripherals has never been more accessible. 

The OnGuard Maps tool now offers browser-based visualization of facility layouts with dynamic system feedback. It also makes legacy OnGuard system maps available in the OnGuard Monitor client, which is accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone. In addition to the OnGuard Maps feature, the video viewing experience across OnGuard web clients has also been improved. Users can now take advantage of new audio, digital zoom, snapshot capture and Milestone XProtect video support in OnGuard Monitor and Surveillance web clients. 

Version 8.0 integrates with the Magic Monitor client for Windows and MacOS. The Magic Monitor client unifies security views and other media, enhancing situational awareness for security operators. Users can see OnGuard system alarms, manage credentials, badges, and access rights, and view live or recorded video from the LenelS2 NVR (LNVR) platform, or third-party video management systems, including Milestone XProtect video. The Magic Monitor client supports a single display, a command center workstation or expansive video walls. It’s an all new way to experience your OnGuard system. 

In a way, the world changed right at the same time we set out to change the OnGuard software. As a team we’re proud of how we were able to develop a major version update during a very challenging year around the world – both professionally and personally for many people. Thankfully our team was ready to meet this challenge. Because OnGuard software has always been developed by a worldwide team, we were already prepared to work remotely. 

That said, one area of development that doesn’t easily translate to a work-from-home environment is hardware testing. With the version 8.0 release, we introduced integration with Allegion Von Duprin RU/RM solutions which help extend remote monitoring and lockdown capabilities to the perimeter – especially important in school environments. Normally we’d be able to thoroughly test the integration using Allegion hardware in our office, but without an office, we had to devise new solutions. Thanks to our great partnership with Allegion we could remotely connect an instance of an OnGuard system to Allegion hardware in one of their offices in Indianapolis. As we remotely exercised the controls at Allegion’s location, they reported the results back to us, allowing us to fully test the integration. 

OnGuard software version 8.0 is undoubtedly the best version yet. Despite the challenges presented by an unprecedented 2020, we accomplished our goal: to make the OnGuard system more accessible, unified and capable of delivering the insights you need.

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