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OnGuard Surveillance

Browser-based live and recorded video player for OnGuard systems

OnGuard Surveillance

Basic video viewing without client installation or upgrades

The OnGuard Surveillance client offers a lightweight browser-based application enabling basic video viewing capabilities without client installation or upgrades. Users can securely view live or recorded video from one or multiple cameras from a device of their choice, using custom layouts and easy to use interactive controls and digital zoom. OnGuard Surveillance client is a web-based alternative to the traditional OnGuard Video Viewer Windows® application.

View video from a device of your choice
Display up to 16 camera views on one screen
Simplified, customizable view of video activity in the OnGuard system

Mobile Security User App Features & Benefits


Customizable Layouts
Organize camera tiles intro varying layouts for convenient monitoring
Pre-defined Templates
Display up to 16 camera views in one screen and save preferred layouts
Live and Recorded Video
View live and recorded video side-by-side for maximum insight
Camera Controls
Utilize PTZ on cameras including presets
Video Scrubbing
Play, pause or step-through recorded video in forward or reverse
Device Status
Display an interactive hardware tree noting any offline devices
Zones and Permissions
Support for OnGuard monitor zones and user permissions
Mobile Enabled
Access Surveillance client on a mobile device to enhance situational awareness

These products complement OnGuard Surveillance

OnGuard Monitor

The OnGuard Monitor web client offers lightweight, browser-based alarm and status monitoring without client installation or upgrades.

OnGuard Version 8.2

OnGuard Version 8.2 unifies user experience, facilitates users’ cloud journeys, and deepens analytics

Magic Monitor - OnGuard

The Magic Monitor unified client provides enhanced situational awareness to OnGuard system operators by bringing together access control, video surveillance and external web content.

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