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OnGuard Cloud Edition

Rapidly provision a new configuration of OnGuard in the cloud

OnGuard Cloud Edition

OnGuard deployed from the cloud via Amazon Web Services (AWS)

OnGuard Cloud Edition is an alternative OnGuard package accessed and deployed from the cloud via Amazon Web Services™ (AWS). Leveraging a cloud environment, OnGuard Cloud Edition provides convenient, on-demand access to computing resources, reducing the need for costly server infrastructure. OnGuard Cloud Edition simplifies deployment, enabling customers to get OnGuard up and running quickly and easily on a virtual machine. OnGuard Cloud Edition is an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) available on the Public Machine Images section of AWS.

Rapidly configure OnGuard in the cloud
Reduces operating costs
Infrastructure-as-a-Service deployment of OnGuard, providing on-demand access to computing resources

Mobile Security User App Features & Benefits


Lowers Capital Costs
Lease virtualized resources rather than own or purchase
Reduces Operating Expenses
Eliminates labor costs for virtual/physical server maintenance
Simplifies Deployment
Ideal for highly distributed and global deployments
Built-in Redundancy
High levels of built-in redundancy minimize downtime and risk
IT Compliance
Lack of physical hardware simplifies IT compliance requirements
Rapid Configuration
Speeds up configuration of OnGuard deployment
Easy Licensing
Retains same licensing model as on-premise OnGuard


OnGuard® Cloud Edition Single Server Deployment Configuration
OnGuard Cloud Edition-APP-SERVER
OnGuard® Cloud Edition Multi-Server (Enterprise+PRO) Deployment Configuration
Separate files provided for App Server, Com Server, and DB Server
OnGuard Multi-Server Deployment Configuration - Application Server
OnGuard Cloud Edition-PRO-APP-SERVER
OnGuard Multi-Server Deployment Configuration - Communications Server
OnGuard Cloud Edition-PRO-COM-SERVER
OnGuard Multi-Server Deployment Configuration - Database Server
OnGuard Cloud Edition-PRO-DB-SERVER

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