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OnGuard Version 7.6

Evolving to meet your ever-changing needs

OnGuard Version 7.6

A more scalable, accessible and cloud-compatible enterprise security platform

Extensive enhancements to OnGuard® version 7.6 create a more scalable, accessible and cloud-compatible enterprise security platform. Version 7.6 also enriches essential operations, including IT compliance, cybersecurity, reader and card technology, and browser client usability.

Browser-based video viewing
Supports new deployment options with OnGuard Cloud Edition
Enhanced cybersecurity

Mobile Security User App Features & Benefits

New and Improved Ways to Use the OnGuard System

Expanded Cloud Options Further Ease Deployment
Adds Cloud PaaS support for Amazon AWS in addition to Microsoft Azure, while OnGuard Cloud Edition leverages AWS AMIs (Amazon Machine Images) to provide a pre-packaged instance of OnGuard, easing deployment and providing access to scalable computing resources within this cloud IaaS model
Improved Browser-based Video Viewing Experience
Video playback usability updates in OnGuard Surveillance and Monitor clients include one-click full screen viewing, PTZ enhanced controls and preset
Bosch Intrusion Support
Support for the latest Bosch Intrusion control panels and improved alarm mapping

Improved Browser-based Video Viewing Experience

OnGuard Surveillance Usability
Usability updates for OnGuard Surveillance and Monitor including full screen video
PDF417 Support
Support for PDF417 barcode format in OnGuard Visitor and Visitor Self Service
Scheduled Visits Updates
Scheduled visits can be filtered by sign-in location
Apple Wallet™ for Visitors
Visitor invitation emails can be added to an Apple Wallet
Visitor Check-in Updates
OnGuard Visitor Self Service can now leverage the front or rear iPad camera
Host/Escort Updates
Now supports “Granted-Escort Pending” and “Granted Access-Valid” transactions

Access Control Hardware

LNL-1324e I/O Module for Native Network
Allows doors or auxiliary I/O to be connected to an OnGuard system with Ethernet cabling
LenelS2 X-Series Intelligent System Controllers Support
Supports TLS 1.2 encryption, OSDP file transfer and onboard USB port for configuration

These products complement OnGuard Version 7.6

OnGuard Version 8.2

OnGuard Version 8.2 unifies user experience, facilitates users’ cloud journeys, and deepens analytics

OnGuard Cloud Edition

OnGuard Cloud Edition, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service deployment model, is an alternative OnGuard package accessed and deployed from the cloud via the Amazon Web Services™ EC2 platform.

OnGuard Surveillance

The OnGuard Surveillance web client offers a lightweight browser-based application enabling basic video viewing capabilities without client installation or upgrades.

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