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Proactive Protection

Secure entrances are your first signal to employees and visitors that you take their health and safety seriously.

All our screening tools allow you to leverage your existing OnGuard® or NetBox™ access control system for enhanced entrance control


Self-Assessment Solutions

Simple, customizable questionnaires allow you to grant or deny access to employees (cardholders) and visitors based on their responses. 


Entrance Control

Our Entry Point Control solution enables you to designate specific entrances to funnel users for daily health screening. Upon successful screening, users can access any door until the next day. 


Thermal and Mask Screening

Intelligent dual-camera biometric and screening solutions enable you to grant or deny access based on camera recognition of facial masks. 


Thermal Screening

These integrated offerings allow you to override access rights based on elevated skin temperatures for stricter control of individual cardholder’s access. 


Proactive Protection

Secure entrances with thermal tracking, self-assessment tools, and mask screening.


Fewer Touch Points

Use touchless access control such as hands-free mobile credentialing and face recognition for fewer touchpoints.


Safe Occupancy Levels

Manage occupancy levels in the buildings you monitor.

Not sure which access control solution is right for you?

Head to our solutions pages to learn more about our different security solutions and compare our product lines.

We Offer Three Healthy Buildings Solutions


A powerful, all-in-one browser-based product, the NetBox™ access control and event monitoring system is designed for deployments with demanding security requirements.


The feature-rich, comprehensive OnGuard® access control system integrates with a range of security, business and building systems to meet the needs of even the most complex enterprise deployments.


BlueDiamond™ access control readers and credentials offer a complete, effortless, next-generation experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Proactive Protection

LenelS2’s entrance control solutions provide daily health screening that checks for elevated skin temperatures as well as a customizable questionnaire that can approve or deny entry based on employee or visitor answers. These tools connect with your overall access control solution, helping to secure your buildings on a day-to-day basis. 

Access control is the system in which decisions on building and room access are made. Entrance control is the specific procedures and systems put into place to inform and enforce that decision which include door locks and turnstiles. 

To find LenelS2 certified integrations by industry, function, and OnGuard® version, or by specific product or partner name, navigate to our OAAP page and use the provided filters. 

One of the strongest ways to proactively protect your build (and the people and assets inside of it), it to ensure you properly secure all entrances. Secure entrances are your first signal to employees and visitors that you take their safety seriously. Learn more about our access control solutions to help ensure you maximize the safety of all of your entrances.

There are a range of screening tools available that allow you to leverage your existing NetBox or OnGuard access control system. These tools include self-assessment solutions, entry point control solutions, thermal and mask screening, and more.