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OnGuard Credentials

Browser-Based Cardholder Management for OnGuard systems

OnGuard Credentials

A fresh take on cardholder and access rights management

The OnGuard® Credentials application offers a browser-based alternative to the traditional OnGuard ID Credential Center Windows application, enabling cardholder, badge, and access level management without client installation and upgrades. Users can securely access credentialing through a web browser on their desktop, laptop or tablet, no matter what operating system or mobile platform they use. A list of cardholders with simple sorting and rich filtering options is always visible, while a scrollable pane with expandable sections for cardholder, badge, and access level information puts all critical information at your fingertips.

Browser-based credential management
Compatible with OnGuard version 7.3 and up
Industry-leading cardholder administration

Mobile Security User App Features & Benefits

Features and Functionality

Unified View
Cardholder, badge and access level information for an individual on a single page
Customizable Views
Customize cardholder list view by adding, removing and rearranging columns
Quick Sorting
Single-click sorting for rapid sorting of cardholder lists
Cardholder list shows photo thumbnails for quick reference and identification
Printable Lists
Print a customized list of cardholders directly from the browser
Built-in Photo Capture
Supports photo capture via connected camera on supported browsers
Cardholder Details and Fields
Full support for OnGuard user-defined fields and cardholder detail pages
Incremental Search
Includes search-as-you-type results for cardholders, badges and access levels
Mobile Credential Support
Seamlessly issue mobile credentials to smartphones
Database Segmentation
Supports OnGuard database segmentation

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