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OnGuard Visitor

Part of a comprehensive, next generation visitor management portfolio

OnGuard Visitor

Browser-based full-service visitor management

The OnGuard® next generation visitor management portfolio is a comprehensive solution that provides unparalleled ease of use, increased mobility and seamless integration across a range of devices and applications, extending from mobile to desktop.

OnGuard Visitor is a browser-based client that facilitates the delivery of a full-service visitor management model, providing a welcoming front desk experience. Ideally combined with OnGuard Cardholder Self Service, enabling visitor pre-registration by cardholder hosts.

Full-service experience for visitors
Intuitive user interface
Combine with OnGuard CSS to enable Visitor pre-registration

Product Features

Product Features

Accessible on any device and no need to load software
Single Sign On
Supports Single Sign On from the LenelS2 Console launchpad
Device agnostic and Mobile-ready
Accessible on a tablet, phone, laptop or desktop PC
Intuitive User Interface
Responsive design accommodates any display, flexible check-in. Interface includes Add Single Visitor or Groups, Add Host or Co-Hosts, Assign Badge, Print Badge
Email Alerts
Check-ins trigger automatic alert email to hosts or co-hosts
Custom Filtering
Filter visits and visitor lists based on front desk attendants needs
Badge Capture and Printing
Capture a visitor’s photo and print their badge directly from the Visitor client
Allows co-hosting of visitors if additional employees need to be aware of a visitor’s arrival
Credential Assignment
Option at check-in to assign disposable, plastic or mobile credentials
Administration and Reports
Generate reports on visits and visitors

These products complement OnGuard Visitor

OnGuard Version 8.0

OnGuard Version 8.0 enhances situational awareness, unifies security views and provides powerful, data-based insights 

OnGuard Card Holder Self Service (CSS)

The OnGuard Cardholder Self Service (CSS) browser-based client provides provides two intuitive and easy-to-use web interfaces, one for cardholders and the other for access managers.

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