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Our solutions provide leading building and campus security and can lock down a school at a moment’s notice

Securing Schools and College Campuses of All Sizes

Our scalable, open security solutions meet the needs of the smallest K-12 schools to the largest universities with complex requirements.

Our solutions provide school and university campus security with all the tools administrators need to ensure efficient management and operations while giving students the confidence to focus on learning. Our access control solutions secure school perimeters and any buildings on a spread-out campus as well as enable flexible event scheduling for schools that run after school programs. Our video management systems and unified client interface provide enhanced situational awareness for security operators and administrators.

Solving Education Security Challenges

Scalable, Intuitive Access Control and Video Management

Our access control and video management systems can scale to meet the needs of an individual K-12 school to the largest university with multiple campuses. Our browser-based solutions are intuitive and easy to manage.

One-button Lockdown

Authorized individuals can rapidly put a school or campus on lockdown, via special card swipe, a code to type into any school computer or a one-touch button on a mobile app. Lockdowns can be customized to certain school or campus areas for a more targeted approach.

Aligns with District Technology Standards

Our browser-based security applications are compatible with Microsoft, Apple and Google, so it’s easy to access your system directly from your school’s computers and devices.

The constant communication between us, 360 Advanced Security and the LenelS2 product team has allowed us to find a cutting-edge solution that provides a seamless access control experience while increasing security across campus.
Michael Freitas

Access Control Coordinator

Humber College

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